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    Title: Mi Perra Vida | Country: México | Production year: 2015 | Format: Video HD, Color | Running time: 90 min. | Genre: Documentary | Directors: Oswaldo Toledano y Virginia Araujo | Executive Producer: Oswaldo Toledano and Virginia Araujo | Line Producer: Carlos Hernández Vázquez | Cinematography:  Oswaldo Toledano | Editing: Virginia Araujo | Screenplay: Valentina Sachetti | Sound Recording: Virginia Araujo, Ernesto Estivill | Music: Ernesto Estivill | Sound design: Ernesto Estivill | Production Company: Tierra Extranjera.


    In Mexico City, a solitary dog rescuer designs an ambitious plan to dignify stray dogs and, at the same time gain recognition for his actions. However, when put into practice, his fear of success confronts him with unsolved issues from the past.