• Title: Geothermal El Salvador | Country: Japón | Production year: 2013 | Format: Video HD, Color | Running time: 12 min. | Genre: Documentary | Director: Luis Patrón | Executive Producers & Scientific Advisors: Lúdvík Georgsson & Ingvar Fridleifsson | Production Assitant: Raúl Sanabria | Production Administration: Taeko Okada | Production Coordination: Evelyn de Velis | Cinematography: Oswaldo Toledano | Editing: Scott Walton, Andrew Campiutti, Eugene Kobayashi | Script Editor: Daniel Powell. Narration: Michael Rhys | Sound Editing & Mix: Chistine Newsome | Original Music & Colorist: David Jiménez | Production Company: United Nations University, UNU.


    The UNU Geothermal Training Programme (UNU-GTP), based in Iceland, assists developing countries with significant geothermal potential to establish groups of specialists in geothermal exploration and development by providing specialized training opportunities.

This video examines the state of geothermal energy in El Salvador and explains how the UNU has been assisting with the development of this vital energy resource.