• Title: The Veronicas´Artist | Country: México | Production year: 2012 | Format: Video HD, Color | Running time: 26 min | Genre: Documentary | Director: Oswaldo Toledano | Executive Producer: Henner Hofmann | Line Producer: Efraín Ávila | Cinematography: Jaiziel Hernández | Editing: Virginia Araujo | Screenplay: Oswaldo Toledano | Sound Recording: Daniel Touron, Ernesto Estivill | Sound design: Ernesto Estivill | Music: José Luis Guzmán Wolffer, Ernesto Estivill. | Cast: Julián Pablo Fernández | Production Company: Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica.


    Nobody photographed Jesus of Nazareth, apart from the spectral face printed by the sweat and blood on the Veronica´s robe. His name was his destiny. Veronica, vere ikon, the true picture. Julian Pablo is a passionate artist who seems to uncover in the face of Christ the mystery of his divinity, and does so with the talent of the filmmaker, the vocation of the priest and the aesthetics of the painter.

    Primer Encuentro Internacional de Documentales de Artes, Artes.Docs, 2011.
    Selección Oficial del Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia, 2012.
    7 Atlantidoc, Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de Uruguay, 2013
    Skena Up
 International Students Film & Theatre Festival, Kosovo, 2013.
    6 Festival de Cine y Video Documental ZANATE, Colima, México, 2013.