• Title: Exiled | Country: México | Production year: 2012 | Format: Video HD, Color | Running time: 23 min. | Genre: Fiction | Director: Erick García Corona | Executive Producer: Henner Hofmann | Line Producer: Carlos Hernández | Cinematography: Oswaldo Toledano | Editing: Virginia Araujo | Screenplay: Alexandra Márquez, Erick García Corona | Music: Ernesto Estivill | Cast
: Emiliano Yañez, Sofía Espinosa, Miguel Couturier, Enrique Arrison | Production Company: Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica.


    Andrés is a young man who is back home after a long period of time because the death of his mother. Getting home, he finds a broken family who keeps a secret that he doesn´t even suspect. When he realize what is happening he will have to decide to leave or to stay and face the situation.